Saturday, July 12, 2014

Every girl dreams of her wedding day

Bride to be

·         Weddings are the D-day for every girl. It is the day that every girl fosters in her heart since the moment she sees a beautiful radiant bride on her day.
·         From walking down the aisles or taking the seven circles around a fire that is regardless of customs and traditions, the most important factor of a wedding is definitely the bride!
·         Recent obsessions of designer clothing and exotic wedding destinations have generated a huge lucrative business in the fashion industry especially in the bridal wear.

·         There are several designers who only specialize in bridal wear. In India, the most common form of bridal wear is the gorgeous and evergreen lehenga.

The rise of the Lehenga   
India is a country steeped in tradition and customs. So it is only natural to see those traditions in various forms of artistry especially in clothing and different forms of material. From various rich textures to different form of silk, India is exquisite when traditional wear designs are concerned.

·          The lehenga is the most common form of wedding wear in Indian weddings for the brides. In the earlier days, they were mainly composed of rich and pure silk with heavy ‘zardosi’ or other intricate work. The choli is another essential component of the lehenga.

·         They are mostly embroided patterns consisting of borders, broad laces and a ‘ghagra’. In modern times however, with the rise of the new crop of couture designers the Bridal lehega has undergone a major transformation.

   Heavy thread work, sequins, modern twists such as mixing pure gold thread on the fabrics are giving the young Indian brides a range of lehengas to choose from.

Too many options for the Indian bride
·        Traditionally though in most parts of India the lehenga is choice of wedding wear, sarees are also quite popular. In fact, traditional Indian bridal wear actually means sarees.

·         Bridal sarees are diverse since they differ according to regional differences. But the elegance and intricate designs are what ties most Indian sarees together.

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