Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pretty Gowns Add Glamor to the Party Scene

In older times, party dresses of women used to be highly restrictive of movement being floor-length with flounces plus puffy sleeves and so on.  These heavy and elaborate gowns did not allow them to dance or move around much.  Thus in the 1920s, these gowns that used to be called as evening gowns were given some tweaks.The evening gowns have evolved into stylish party gowns of today through the decades. 

They are worn for formal dinner parties, for operas and even weddings. Then relaxed dress codes allowed for some realty novel designs and styles befitting the occasion. The cocktail party is one occasion when women have more options of party wear gowns.  The ballerina gowns extend up to the ankle just touching it while the above the ankle gown is longer.

 The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the most popular of evening dresses which is highly versatile and elegant. They are worn with appropriate shoes, hairdo and jewelry.Today short designer party wear gowns and dresses are preferred by young women who like to follow their Bollywood idols.LBD is one gown that every fashion conscious woman prefers to have in her wardrobe.

Forr party wear gowns are taffeta, organza and satin but silk and a mix of light weight silk or wool are also used.  Velvet is another fabric of choice for evening gowns with off shoulder necklines are also in vogue among pretty divas. One shoulder model is for those who want a youthful appearance.

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