Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pretty Gowns Add Glamor to the Party Scene

In older times, party dresses of women used to be highly restrictive of movement being floor-length with flounces plus puffy sleeves and so on.  These heavy and elaborate gowns did not allow them to dance or move around much.  Thus in the 1920s, these gowns that used to be called as evening gowns were given some tweaks.The evening gowns have evolved into stylish party gowns of today through the decades. 

They are worn for formal dinner parties, for operas and even weddings. Then relaxed dress codes allowed for some realty novel designs and styles befitting the occasion. The cocktail party is one occasion when women have more options of party wear gowns.  The ballerina gowns extend up to the ankle just touching it while the above the ankle gown is longer.

 The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the most popular of evening dresses which is highly versatile and elegant. They are worn with appropriate shoes, hairdo and jewelry.Today short designer party wear gowns and dresses are preferred by young women who like to follow their Bollywood idols.LBD is one gown that every fashion conscious woman prefers to have in her wardrobe.

Forr party wear gowns are taffeta, organza and satin but silk and a mix of light weight silk or wool are also used.  Velvet is another fabric of choice for evening gowns with off shoulder necklines are also in vogue among pretty divas. One shoulder model is for those who want a youthful appearance.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Every girl dreams of her wedding day

Bride to be

·         Weddings are the D-day for every girl. It is the day that every girl fosters in her heart since the moment she sees a beautiful radiant bride on her day.
·         From walking down the aisles or taking the seven circles around a fire that is regardless of customs and traditions, the most important factor of a wedding is definitely the bride!
·         Recent obsessions of designer clothing and exotic wedding destinations have generated a huge lucrative business in the fashion industry especially in the bridal wear.

·         There are several designers who only specialize in bridal wear. In India, the most common form of bridal wear is the gorgeous and evergreen lehenga.

The rise of the Lehenga   
India is a country steeped in tradition and customs. So it is only natural to see those traditions in various forms of artistry especially in clothing and different forms of material. From various rich textures to different form of silk, India is exquisite when traditional wear designs are concerned.

·          The lehenga is the most common form of wedding wear in Indian weddings for the brides. In the earlier days, they were mainly composed of rich and pure silk with heavy ‘zardosi’ or other intricate work. The choli is another essential component of the lehenga.

·         They are mostly embroided patterns consisting of borders, broad laces and a ‘ghagra’. In modern times however, with the rise of the new crop of couture designers the Bridal lehega has undergone a major transformation.

   Heavy thread work, sequins, modern twists such as mixing pure gold thread on the fabrics are giving the young Indian brides a range of lehengas to choose from.

Too many options for the Indian bride
·        Traditionally though in most parts of India the lehenga is choice of wedding wear, sarees are also quite popular. In fact, traditional Indian bridal wear actually means sarees.

·         Bridal sarees are diverse since they differ according to regional differences. But the elegance and intricate designs are what ties most Indian sarees together.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Brilliant Hair Styles to Try with Bridal Lehenga

Gone are the days when all Indian brides would look the same! Red bridal lehenga, dazzling gold jewelry, super loud makeup and a high bun; every bride could be seen dressing up in the same cliché manner on the big day. Nowadays, the trend has changed and Indian brides don’t hesitate to don a look that is unique and reflect their personality on the D day.
Take a look at some of the gorgeous hair styles that you can save for your wedding day.
High Bun
No matter how common this hairstyle is, it remains the hot favorite of all the brides to be. A nicely done high bun gives an organized look and let people focus on your beautiful face. Not sure if it’s the magic of a bun but it gives you a mature look instantly.
Style Note: To add some fun to your look, ask your hairstylist to do a French braid in the front.

The Traditional Long Braid
Off late, braids seem to have won the hearts of millions of brides. Starting from Punjabi weddings to South Indian weddings, brides belonging to different cultures can try this hairdo for the wedding day. Add some hair accessories to instantly glam up your look.
Style Note: If you don’t want to go with the traditional braid then opt for side braid. It looks super chic and keeps your hair intact throughout the ceremony (and even after!)

The Messy Bun
The personal favorite of most of the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses, messy bun perfectly complements your entire look on the big day. This hairdo is quite versatile and you can wear it with a bridal gown too.
Style Note: Getting the perfect messy bun is a real task. Don’t forget to take some reference images of the kind of bun you want, to make your hairstylist understand your requirements.

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Bridal Lehengas

designer bridal lehenga

Are you planning to buy your bridal lehenga lately? Well, it is not all about visiting a reputed fashion store and picking the most expensive one. There are 5 significant factors that should be considered while purchasing wedding lehengas. Check out them below:
1. Colour of the Lehenga

Gold Brocade Lehenga

The first and foremost thing that you need to take into account while selecting the perfect bridal lehenga for yourself is the shade of the attire. Being the most important person of the day, you can pick hues like fiery red, royal blue, olive green, pure white, cute pink, bright maroon, and so on. However, make sure that the color of your bridal lehenga goes well with your skin tone.

Double Layer Pista Green Lehenga

2. Material of the Lehenga
When it comes to selecting the lehengas for your wedding ceremony, you can’t ignore verifying the type and quality of the fabrics used. There are a variety of materials, such as net, georgette, crepe, dupion and other silks, which are considered as the best fabrics for wedding lehengas. You should also keep the season and weather in your mind, while picking something for your marriage. If you want your bridal lehenga to be a true reflection of ‘wealth and wonder’, velvet will be the most wonderful choice for you.

Designer Peach-pink lehenga

3. Style of the Lehenga
Next comes the style of your bridal lehenga that is going to make you look the most beautiful as well as gorgeous bride ever. So, check out the designer ones that come with loads of styles including double layers, triple layers, velvet belt, jacket blouse, long blouse, corset, etc. You also need to consider your body type in order to figure out the style that will suit you the most.

Cream Lehenga with Wine Jacket

4. Design / Pattern of the Lehenga
The design of the lehenga and the patterns used in it play a key role in making you stand out from the crowd on your wedding day. While ‘A-Line’ lehengas can match all types of figures easily, you cannot assume it true in case of other lehengas too. Hence, it is recommended that you assess your body type  first. Depending upon it, you can choose anything from the wide collections of straight cut lehengas, spherical cut lehengas, mermaid-cut or fish-cut lehengas, etc.

Net Lehenga Paired with Silk Jacket

5. Type of the Choli / Blouse

Red Bridal Lehenga

As choli or blouse is the indispensable part of a lehenga, you should also take its type into account while planning to buy the bridal ensemble for yourself. A choli can be designed as well as styled in a number of ways, which include backless choli, cropped choli, deep neck choli, long choli, etc. It is completely up to your own taste to find out the most attractive one for your big day and look enviable.
Moove Long Blouse Lehenga

 So, just get ready and go for your bridal lehenga shopping today.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Begin the New Year, Zarilane style!

Make the New Year, 2014, yours, with Zarilane! New styles help you create new style statements for you. We have new collections at your disposal and we are taking extra care so that you are truly spoilt for choice! Zarilane is bringing to you brand new saris, suits, lehengas, men’s wear, beautiful accessories, and jewellery.

Ethnic Indian Dresses online

Our latest collection includes the Double Layer Pista Green Lehenga, Pink Double Layer Hand Embroidered Anarkali, Dark Teal Sari with Heavy Collared Blouse, American Diamond and Amethyst Necklace Set, Silver Swarovski Embellished Oval Shape Clutch, and much more!
Pista Green Lehenga

The double layer pista green lehenga comes with a contrast colour border and dupatta and it has a heavy blouse with full sleeves.
Pink Double Layer Anarkali

The pink double layered hand embroidered anarkali has intricate Swarovski and crystal work on the front and at the back of the yolk. The sleeves have tonal resham motifs, along with Swarovski and pearl cuffs. The double layered gheras come with thread work borders. It is paired with a four sided resham border dupatta and a matching pink lycra churidar.

dark teal georgette sari

The plain dark teal wrinkle georgette sari comes with cut-dana and zari borders. The blouse, on gold metallic fabric, comes with heavy resham and sequence work and is what makes this sari so elegant. This sari comes with an un-stitched blouse and a matching satin petticoat.
Make an entrance which everybody in the room remembers with the American Diamond and Amethyst Necklace Set to add glamor to your outfit for the day. Dressing up is no chore at all when you have this ideal accessory to keep you company.

Amethyst Necklace Set
The set is Silver based with rhodium plating, for elegance and sophistication. The set contains a pair of earrings, round shaped necklace, and a pendant. The earrings come with a push back closure system for ease of use. The set is encrusted with American diamonds which give it a dazzling look. The presence of Amethyst stone adds to the overall glamorous effect. The set is available in ruby, green and blue sapphire as well. 
Oval Shape Clutch with Silver Swarovski

The Silver Swarovski Embellished Oval Shape Clutch is an accessory that will go with all outfits, be it saris, lehengas, suits or gowns. It will add to your outfit beautifully and give you that extra complement.

These were just a part of the trailer set for you. Come onto to truly experience all that waits for you!