Friday, June 27, 2014

Brilliant Hair Styles to Try with Bridal Lehenga

Gone are the days when all Indian brides would look the same! Red bridal lehenga, dazzling gold jewelry, super loud makeup and a high bun; every bride could be seen dressing up in the same cliché manner on the big day. Nowadays, the trend has changed and Indian brides don’t hesitate to don a look that is unique and reflect their personality on the D day.
Take a look at some of the gorgeous hair styles that you can save for your wedding day.
High Bun
No matter how common this hairstyle is, it remains the hot favorite of all the brides to be. A nicely done high bun gives an organized look and let people focus on your beautiful face. Not sure if it’s the magic of a bun but it gives you a mature look instantly.
Style Note: To add some fun to your look, ask your hairstylist to do a French braid in the front.

The Traditional Long Braid
Off late, braids seem to have won the hearts of millions of brides. Starting from Punjabi weddings to South Indian weddings, brides belonging to different cultures can try this hairdo for the wedding day. Add some hair accessories to instantly glam up your look.
Style Note: If you don’t want to go with the traditional braid then opt for side braid. It looks super chic and keeps your hair intact throughout the ceremony (and even after!)

The Messy Bun
The personal favorite of most of the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses, messy bun perfectly complements your entire look on the big day. This hairdo is quite versatile and you can wear it with a bridal gown too.
Style Note: Getting the perfect messy bun is a real task. Don’t forget to take some reference images of the kind of bun you want, to make your hairstylist understand your requirements.

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